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classic meditation class


Learn how to meditate with the group every Tuesday and Thursday

Everyone can learn how to meditate.

The meditation practitioner group meets from 7 to 8:30 pm every Tuesday and Thursday at the Seattle Meditation Center.


7:00 pm – Register, enjoy tea-time & stretch

7:30 pm – meditation instruction by a Buddhist monk

7:40 pm – meditation practice

8:20 pm – spread loving kindness

8:30 pm – share experience, A&Q, group pictures and end of the session.

 (Free of charge!)


A new version of Meditation Class 2019


Welcome to this course on the Meditation and Self-development. We teach this course at the meditation center and online. This document is published with both group of participants in mind, but some sections will apply to only those who come to the meditation center and other only to distance learners.

Meditation has been grasping the attention of the Westerners for several centuries. At the present day, there are approximately 421 millions of results of searching on meditation displaying on online search engines. No longer is the meditation only the religious practice, but it is also playing the important role in the mental and emotional development, according to the modern research from the organizations. This program will pay a contribution to only one specific kind of meditation known as “Dhammakaya meditation” or middle way meditation, which is one of the most important meditations in Thailand. The course will provide the theoretical and practical training on this kind of meditation.


Our purpose of organizing the meditation class in 2019 is concerning about the effective course and the continuity of the members. Therefore, we develop the schedule and the structure of the class to be appropriate for both the newcomers and the regular members on Meditation Class 2019. In the course, the participants will be able to learn meditation effectively step by step following the provided lessons every week. The program will be organized and classified into four courses in four quarters; winter, spring, summer, and fall respectively. These courses consist of four levels of the comprehension and practice of meditation, namely Basic Meditation, Meditation and Self-development 01, Meditation and Self-development 02, and Meditation and Self-development 03.

Course Structure (Basic Meditation)


The course is divided into six modules; the first one presents the introduction to meditation including the overview of meditation, method, obligation, and techniques; the following five modules focus on one individual technique theoretically and practically, starting from a physical, emotional and mental adjustment to meditation’s processes.


            Each module consists of two sections, say, an ideal part and a practical part within a fortnight. By the first week of the module, participants will be able to learn techniques and how to effectuate each process of meditation practice. The second week will be a meditation’s obstacle-solving week when students can share their meditation experience (i.e. progression, effectivity, or achievement) and ask the question for solving the obstacles and improving the practice. Each module includes;

  • a topic of the day

  • an article which is the supplementary reading for the topic and

  • a video which can help participants understand the topic more ideally and practically.



The class is held at Seattle Meditation Center every Tuesday from 06.45 - 08.30pm. 


  • 06.45 pm. - Tea Time & Relaxing Conversation

  • 07.05 pm. - Meditation Preparation / Stretching

  • 07.15 pm. - Introduction to the topic: explanation, method & techniques

  • 07.30 pm. - Meditation Time

  • 08.10 pm. - Loving-kindness Meditation

  • 08.15 pm. - Meditation tutorial (sharing experience and discussion)

  • 08.30 pm. - Group picture / Finish


Class Attendance

This meditation course is available for anyone who is interested in meditation and self-development both at the meditation center and online. All students can manage their time to attend the class at the meditation center or decide to follow the class online later on, if they cannot join the class. For online learners, you should allow us to know your attendance and progression by leaving your respond, comment, discussion or question below the forum after reading and video-viewing. Those who complete 100% attendance can decide to join Meditation Retreat during the quarter break.


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